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We manufacture aesthetic and contemporary design modular kitchen and
furniture’s for all kinds of homes with Swadeshi Resources.

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Introducing CLASSICA Express Kitchens for fast and customisable modular kitchens. Designed by professional architects and created by skilled labour, we apply our thoughts to every single detail required by the worthy end user !! Learn more

The Kairav Range comes with 10 years’ warranty and 2 years’ free service. It comprises hardware materials from world class Japanese and German companies like Lamp, Hettich, Grass & Hafele. Learn more

Promkraft is one of the leading and specialized manufacturers for modular kitchen design.

We make research and understand the needs of modern people to design their modern kitchens. With these, we evolve the stylish, customized and latest modular kitchen design within budget.

We strongly believe that the kitchen is much more than just a place to cook, and it is the heart of any home.

Our recipe for a perfect kitchen comes with the right measurement to have precision and passion with the secret sauce of beauty, reliability and elegance.

Express Kitchen Modular Kitchen | Promkraft Interior
Kairav Design Modular Kitchen | Promkraft Interior

Everyone will have some dreams in their new or remodelled homes. So, our team of experts is here to discuss the uniqueness of the clients. With a clear idea, drawing and documentation process, we could show you the complete thrill of designing and bringing the dream true in the kitchen.

Interestingly, blending the Indian tradition with modern technology, we could help in designing the kitchen with less time and cost.

Equating the modern kitchen with the scientific design, aesthetic appeal and durability, we create a signature and personalized kitchen.

You Can Count On…

Trusted Indian Engineering

With the sprolling 12000 sqft manufacturing set up is one of the highlights of the company. Equipped with state of art high-end machinery and skillful laborers who deliver a fine quality product for you.

Architectural Design

Our every product is born with an architectural perspective with superb detailed work and out of the box design which gets high technical status. We at promkraft believe in technical values for better living tomorrow.


We at Promkraft staunchly believe in maintaining the highest standards of quality, be it our core material HDHMR or the environment-friendly colours. We make sure that only the best reaches you.


Promkraft shines through in after-sales service too. We offer 5 years warranty on Furniture Products (1-year free service) & We offer 10  years warranty on Kitchen Products (2 years free service) and timely updates on all our products.


Promkraft is managed by a strong and loyal team of well-qualified and experienced personnel in every department. Each employee is adequately trained in discipline, punctuality, and persistence.


Did you know that we first invite the customer to inspect the ready kitchen at our factory? Only after your complete satisfaction and approval do we undertake the process of safe, secure, and hassle-free delivery and site installation WITHIN THE GIVEN TIMEFRAME.

After the long days of dreams, we took a step to build our own home. We had several ideas and dreams for our new home. When we were searching for the right one to hand over the responsibility, we came across Promkraft. They helped us to have the best kitchen where we love cooking, and it also adds beauty to the entire home.

I loved having a modular kitchen, but it did not have any idea on how to deal with it.

Thanks to Promkraft! They are ones who gave life for my kitchen and made it esthetic now.

It was my wife’s wish to renovate the existing kitchen to the modular one. Before I could discuss with the expert team of Promkraft, I never thought our kitchen would become such a beautiful one. Now, I satisfied my wife’s wish, and I also love our kitchen.

Priyadarshini Rakesh,

CEO, IT Services

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1. We have now allocated more space for the kitchen. Is it possible to have a modular kitchen in a small area?

The concept of modular kitchen is not only for the big size kitchen. There are different types of modular kitchens like L shape kitchen, straight kitchen, parallel kitchen, island kitchen, and U shape kitchen. We shall discuss the needs and have the right and suitable one.

2. Will you provide a warranty for the modular kitchen?

Yes! We provide warranty for a certain period based on several factors. We use only high-quality products, and so this will offer enough durability.

3. What are the accessories you use for the modular kitchen?

Based on the type requirements and the type of modular kitchen you choose, the accessories will differ. However, the common ones include base unit, wall units, and worktop, wall and floor tiles.

4. What is the cost of the modular kitchen?

It is not possible to quote the cost without considering several things. We have to analyze certain factors like the type of modular kitchen, the space in the kitchen, the additional features you are looking for, etc. are necessary to determine the cost of the modular kitchen.

5. What can your modular offer me?

When the entire world is getting modernized, why not your kitchen? Without a modular kitchen solution, you can have the best design for the kitchen with well-managed space. Further, it will also enhance the value of the entire home.

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