Historically many Indian cultures didn’t place much emphasis on furniture. As most Indians usually sat, ate and slept on the floor, furniture in their homes was mostly ceremonial and decorative, rather than utility based. However, the arrival of European powers like the Portuguese, French, Dutch, Mughals and finally the English into India gave rise to distinct ‘Indo-European furniture’, a blend of creating various artistic styles into unique work.
Today, India is home to the largest furniture market in the world. Furniture is now a basic necessity that cuts across all regions and cultures. Far from being showpieces, furniture in the present context demands utility, strength, durability, aesthetic appeal as well as economy.


Gone are the days of the old furniture making methods, when carpenters were hired to craft out beds, chairs, tables, cupboards, showcases etc. The artisan built everything onsite over weeks or even months. It was messy and time consuming work. The resultant product offered no precision or finesse. Once made, it couldn’t be dismantled and had to be scrapped after it had run its course.


In contrast, the modern method of furniture making entails careful planning, perfect designing, wide variety of materials and machine work in factories. This ensures 100% precision, impeccable quality and aesthetic finish to home décor that reflects the owner’s personality and taste. Couple this with warranty and after sales service, and you get full value for your investment!

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