Hi, folks! All good? At the apparent fag end of the pandemic, when the whole world is beginning to return to normal as before, we at PROMKRAFT present another enlightening story of very useful information that is otherwise hard to come by. 

That kitchens and kitchen platforms have gone modular is stale news. The newest baby in the family of advancing technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that completely transforms the way we use our home space, including the kitchen. But one thought keeps on pestering especially us Indians. Knowing that ours is a peculiar country with its own unique characteristics (read ‘tougher than elsewhere’), designing our kitchen top for the typical Indian household remains a challenge.

The traditional Indian way of cooking, characteristic cuisines, myriad variety of ingredients and type of fuel most widely used etc are Herculean issues that have stumped inventors and designers. Goes without saying that we need a kitchen top that will not only withstand the most rugged usage, but also be convenient and easy to maintain and, of course, affordable.

Until the early eighties most platforms in middle class Indian kitchens had tops of cuddappa stone. It was hard, rugged, cheap and extremely durable. But it soon developed scratches, patches and even holes. Moreover, the joints weakened in a couple of years and leakages started. In fact, some of these ‘antique’ monstrosities can still be seen in a few kitchens of very old buildings that appear almost prehistoric!

This was replaced by the more elegant and durable white marble, smooth and shiny! Although it didn’t easily scratch, it had two major flaws – it chipped and lost its white luster to turn an ugghh-ly yellow. Not to mention that it was far more expensive than cuddappa and hence reserved for the privileged few.

Marble gave way to glamorous granite tops in kitchens in the early nineties. Solid hard rock, smoother, shinier and, to everyone’s surprise, came in several colours and shades. For the next decade granite was the ‘IN’ thing to flaunt not only in the kitchen but also all around the house and even beyond. Anyone having the unique vein pattern of granite at home was deemed to have ‘arrived’!

It’s true that granite is still the preferred choice of thousands of households. Apart from being extremely hard, it’s scratchproof, stain resistant, gels well with any other décor, the original luster lasts much longer and is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. The only downside is that it costs far more moolah!

By the turn of the millennium several other materials entered the fray for kitchen tops, viz. solid surface, ceramic tiles, wood, engineered stone, soapstone and even stainless steel. But the latest wonder material is toughened glass top. Now, don’t you raise your hackles about glass being too brittle and fragile, and say “Bruhhh…”!

The fact is that ordinary glass is indeed very brittle and fragile, so it’s the one we use as kitchen tops. We are talking about ‘TOUGHENED GLASS’. Annealed glass is put through processes of controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength. In simple terms, glass is heated to over 1100ºF and then rapidly cooled. This tempering gives it four times greater strength than normal annealed glass. It’s so strong that it won’t flinch even if hit hard with a hammer!

Such high-tensile toughened glass tops for kitchen counters also pack a whole lot of other virtues. Besides being heat, scratch, mould and stain resistant, it actually resists algae and bacteria! Contrary to your fears, such Tempered Glass actually offers PROTECTION by creating a safety blanket against sharp edges and corners. They come in an endless array of colours, with each piece custom made according to your choice to match your personality. What more would you want for your beloved kitchen?

Did you know PROMKRAFT introduced the change in the Indian kitchen industry by using glass tops for platforms? And we didn’t stop at that. Our uniquely designed glass kitchen tops come in 12 mm thickness and 48 enchanting colours that add unprecedented aesthetic value to your kitchen décor. Our combination of toughened glass with synthetic top fusion is only available in modular units, not in civil kitchens.

In a way, we’d say that PROMKRAFT’s Glass Top Kitchens are like women all over the world – uniquely beautiful inside and incredibly strong outside. They bring new change, yet remain unchanged themselves. As companions for life, both epitomize strength of character and quality of loyalty. As inseparable parts of life, both are the quintessential necessity of being. With every kitchen we make, we at PROMKRAFT appreciate, substantiate and celebrate FEMINITY – the core of life!

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