Brillanteo – a product by Promkraft that the entire world is going to cherish for a long, long time!!

In 2010 we at Promkraft pioneered the introduction of acrylic as a building material for kitchens. We conceived and popularised this novel concept that set trends in kitchen design for almost 12 years. While back then Promkraft was the sole manufacturer and distributor of acrylic kitchens in entire India, today it is the most widely preferred method of making kitchens, so much so that 65% of all kitchens made in India today are acrylic in nature. We are indeed proud that our invention has turned into an ocean.

After more than a decade since then, we felt now the time was ripe for another revolutionary introduction. We thought of making a substance that not only carried all the advantages of acrylic but was far more superior to it in gloss level. While acrylic has a gloss level of 90% to 92%, our new material would be glossy to a brilliant 97%. So we christened it ‘Brillanteo – Gloss to the next level!’

Another prominent aspect of ‘Brillanteo’ is that it is currently the first and the only product in India that is 100% Vaastu oriented. It comes with ‘Copal’ finish, a substance obtained from tropical trees, which according to Vaastu generates positivity in our homes. Moreover, all the colours of Brillanteo find mention in our ancient Vedas, which illustrate how colours influence and enhance our personalities.

Brillanteo carries a host of other features. For one, it is a complete waterproof material that absorbs no moisture. Secondly it comes in a 100% plane surface with zero undulations. Thereafter, Brillanteo is totally scratch-resistant. Even if pierced hard with a sharp object, the miniscule damage can be removed within minutes with a simple buffing process.

Brillanteo has its own unique ‘B’ or ‘Bang’ factor. The first is its ‘Bionic Design’ that shows its incredible strength and skilled craftsmanship. Then comes its perfect ‘Blend of Creativity, Innovation and Architecture.’ This is followed by ‘Bold Approach’ that will dominate the coming decade. The fourth bang is ‘Beyond Everyone’s Imagination’, something that will be remembered by generations to come. Finally ‘Believe in the Real’ that Brillanteo is indeed gloss to the next level.
With such bangs as these, we daresay that just like everything else from Promkraft, Brillanteo is the epitome of ‘Trusted Indian Engineering’!

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